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The main task of SMART-E is the protection of Investor and Owner interests in the construction activity. Our distinguishing feature is a clear consulting approach accepted in the best European and USA companies. We not only carry out an expert examination or fix the current quality of the works performed, but also help to accomplish your tasks complexly.

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Construction expertise and other solutions

Any construction represents a risk which can be financial, lag and investment. When investing in the construction or beginning a new one, it’s necessary to consider all the factors which influence on it. SMART-E is an expert in this sphere.

We offer comprehensive consulting solutions in the construction sphere. Their main task is securing your investments and the maximum detailed estimation of risks, loss, deviations from a plan. The result of such approach - you are well informed regarding all processes and you can control any construction stage.

For convenience we broke down all our services into the categories, they represent ready- made solutions for every specific sphere. We covered all business dimensions: retail, civil or industrial engineering, pecuniary institutions because we know that our clients’ finance results directly depend on success and quality of the performed construction works. Our company tries to maximize these results.

Every our “Solution” consists of the services set. Every service copes with a specific task. It can be technical evaluation of buildings condition, financial control of cost estimating implementation, technical customer’s functions and etc. Let’s view our services more detailed.

Due to our service “Independent construction and technical expert examination” our clients determine quality and cost of the performed works at site. We confirm there is no construction without breaches. And the construction manager responsibility is to estimate the scope of the breaches and to prevent their further appearance. Our service is aimed at the assistance in such situations.

Within the scope of such work we completely check and estimate the performed works quality, volume, cost, service lines installation quality, and also the correctness and completeness of project and cost estimate documentation. So you receive a clear picture of your site situation.

Engineering survey of buildings and structures is the generic service which helps estimating the technical condition of load-carrying structures and engineering services of building. Owners and investors are the customers of this service. For owners our report helps to make an informed decision regarding the renovation reasonability or conversion of building. And for investors - to decide on the investment profitability in real property.

Due to the completeness and content-richness of our reports, owners as well as investors can make the only correct decision in their situation and we help them in it.

Technical supervision in the construction sphere allows saving up to 50% of project cost. Also it provides the initial term of work completion in 95% of cases. With the help of the technical supervision you are well informed regarding the construction situation at every definite period of time: what materials are used, if the technology and standards are being followed, etc.

The technical supervision is like an independent manager. We are present at your site and defend your interests. It’s the core of such service.

For receiving a complete picture of the situation and for avoiding the difficulties in future, it’s necessary also to control the correctness and accuracy of the estimate documentation completing. Our service of the cost estimating in the construction sphere is just aimed for this question solution.

Some figures: a correct prepared estimate allows saving up to 30% of the initial planned costs. Sometimes this figure comes up to 60% - in case the expenses are overvalued by dishonest contractor. The saving and cost optimization is seen at every work stage: contractor selection and directly the construction implementation. It’s the pledge of honest and clear business relationships

Generally we hold such a view that the construction should be managed by the professionals. That’s why we offer the service of the construction projects management to our clients. The content of the service- all organizational and construction work at your site is operated by our professional manager.

What’s the point? We are independent and that’s why we don’t collude with contractors. We have an agreement with you and because of it we defend your interests. Also we are financially interested in successful construction completion that should be of high quality and be made on term. In this case we get bonus and it’s the standard practice of the best world managers.

Another similar service is the technical customer’s functions. Within this service we release you from the technical routine. You needn’t looking for contractors, making up the estimates and other documentation. We take all these activities and many other ones upon ourselves.

Moreover, we also completely control the progress of work, beginning from the works commencement and completing with the facility commissioning. We present an informative report to our construction project owners in control points. The report contains all the information about the project: the process status, what success has been achieved and etc.

We have a special solution for clients who want to observe a technical construction aspect as well as financial one- it’s the financial and technical audit. It has a special feature- you get the current situation section at the site in two projections. Firstly, you possess a total picture of the construction activity: the construction situation, plan discrepancy, estimates making, maintaining the necessary works quality and etc.

Secondly, we provide you the financial matter of works: how the budget is spending, discrepancy value. We determine the cause of the discrepancy, analyze the estimates, find out the contractors abuse and denote it. We determine necessary works cost for the project completion and etc. Due to the financial and technical audit you are constantly on the know what is going on at the site.

This service list is non-exhaustive. We always can offer you more services, everything depends just on the task complexity. It’s not the obstruction for us.

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