About company

Quick. Clever. Strong. Energetic. Intelligent.

These are the synonyms for the word “smart”.

There was an acute shortage of such experts and such approach in the construction and energetic consulting during the last 5 years.

We gathered the best and knowledgeable experts, project managers, sales-managers and established SMART-E Company which differs radically from all other companies at the market.

The fact is that we arrange the work with every client in a completely another way.

Our approach is complex and consulting, just the same as in the west. It represents clear presentations and images, continuous cooperation and distinctly lean business processes. We solve your tasks and speak a common language with you.

We have combined best traditions of the Russian engineering school and the advanced world standards.

Each our expert has higher construction or engineering education and practical work experience (5 years at least). The Quality Management System ISO 9001-2008 is implemented and operated in SMART-E Company. All projects are carried out on basis of the verified PMI method.

It helps us to break myths and set new standards of the construction in Russia. We help you to vary from the existing stereotypes in which the construction is a non-transparent and risky activity with constant terms disruption, defective works and financial discrepancy.

We proved that:

  1. 1. Our experts really allow saving between 15% and 20% of investments and improving the performed works quality essentially;
  2. 2. It’s possible to mitigate risks by an incorrect completed facility which are comparable with the construction cost;
  3. It’s possible to save up to 20% of the energy cost in the projects of energy efficiency raising. It’s just necessary to arrange the audit process and programs implementation in the optimal way;
  4. 4. With the help of our company banks financing the construction projects can effectively monitor the terms, quality and cost of the performed works.

At the same time SMART-E is full independent.

Our motivation is fixed contractual payment and “bonus if successful” which is paid in case of 100% terms compliance and reduction of project costs.

Be SMART-E. Be in SMART-E. Be with SMART-E!

((“Be a professional, work among professionals, work with professionals!”)

P.S.: And what does the letter “Е” mean?

“E” — “Engineers”. We are smart and creative engineers.

Our clients and partners

Leading Russian and international companies